Horizon LGBTQ+

HORIZON LGBTQ+ Community Development

At HORIZON LGBTQ+, we offer a wide variety of social support and training groups for the LGBTQ+ community. The project is coordinated by our LGBTQ+ Community Development Lead, along with our group facilitator, with support from Peer Mentors and volunteers.

We Offer

  • General health and wellbeing support
  • Group work programmes
  • Peer support networks
  • Counselling services & web-based support around sexuality & gender identity
  • Targeted sexual health clinics
  • Community and venue outreach
  • Online net reach
  • Safer sex packs
  • Condom distribution
  • 60 second rapid HIV testing
  • Lead for campaigns and sexual health messages
  • Education and training.

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Call 01253 311431 or email us on LGBTAdvice@Ren-UK.com. All enquires are handled with total confidentiality

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