COVID secure working

Our approach

At Horizon, we’re continuing to closely monitor Government guidance and adjust our services accordingly. As a result, Horizon is operating a reduced service to ensure staff and clients remain as safe as possible. Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Health outreach continues to operate safely.

You can find the latest Government guidance here.


Services FAQ's

Can I still attend Horizon buildings?

No, unfortunately not. For the time being, we are not able to accommodate drop-ins at any of our locations.

However, we are still facilitating our needle exchange at Dickson Road in a COVID-19 secure way.

Can I still get in touch with Horizon?

Yes. You can still contact Horizon on 01253 205157 or Renaissance UK on 01253 311431

Are appointments still available?

Yes. While we’re not accepting drop-ins, planned appointments are still taking place.

All sexual health practitioners are now offering pre-booked face to face appointments in a COVID Secure way, but only when digital services are not possible.

Is the Blackpool Allies LGBTQ+ Group still running?

We are offering our Blackpool Allies LGBTQ+ Group weekly and COVID Securely from Dickson Road.

Are you still offering Hep C testing

Hep C Support and Testing is still available by contacting Mark Brine on 07860 269660

Are you still offering HIV and Syphilis testing?

We are now offering HIV and Syphilis Testing for those deemed most at risk by appointment only.

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Are you still providing free contraception?

We are still operating our Free Postal Condom Service. Sign up here.

Are you still providing safe injecting equipment?

Yes. For Steroid and cosmetic injecting equipment visit (part of HORIZON)

Get In Touch

Drug & Alcohol Services

For confidential Drug and/or alcohol support, please Call 01253205157 or email us on

Sexual Health & Harm Reduction Services

To speak to one of our sexual health practitioners or request a referral form, contact 01253 311431 or email


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