Alcohol and Drugs

"I can handle it"  |  "I can stop any time I want"  |  "A few drinks never hurt anyone"  | "I only drink/do drugs to be sociable"  |  "Everyone I know drinks or takes drugs!"

"Stops me getting bored"  |  "I enjoy it, so what's the harm"  |  "It helps me cope"  | "It's what me and my mates do together"  |  "I've tried to stop... but I can't"

We have heard it all before. The myths, theories and protests. One thing is for sure however; Horizon can help YOU get in control of your drinking or drug use. It's up to you to make the first step.

We will get to know you and guide you every step of the way. Horizon can provide the medical support you will need, and whatever treatment programme is best for you.

This could include a short term series of one-to-one sessions to help you reduce your use, right through to longer term detox or rehab.

Throughout, you will have a named key worker who will give you individual support. You will also be offered opportunities to take part in relevant, tried and trusted programmes and courses alongside other people facing the same challenges as you.

Horizon offers a "wrap-around" service. We don't just look at your alcohol or drug issues in isolation but also consider all the factors that might be influencing your substance misuse, then we will work with community partners to give you the best possible chance at lifetime recovery. 

This could mean helping you improve your:

  • Mental Health
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Job Prospects
  • Network of friends

To find out more about our support for DRINKING click here

To find out more about our support for DRUG USE click here

Blackpool's free, confidential and non-judgmental alcohol and drugs services can help YOU. We can see you at our Connect building, 102 Dickson Road, in your GP surgery or possibly at a local community venue. Contact us on 01253 205156  or email us at

If you are under 25 and need advice or support with alcohol or drug use, please ring the hub on 01253 476010 or click here for more information.


Were recruiting volunteers and peer mentors. If you would like to get involved please contact us on 01253 205156